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Soxhlet extraction unit with glass apparatus for fat analysis

Soxhlet Extraction Unit

Soxhlet exraction unit is an instrument to perform extraction process and the method is applicable to semi volatile organic compounds from solids such as soil, fat, sludge, and waste etc. It is widely used in pharmaceutical laboratory, microbiology, oil and gas industry, food production laboratory and many more.

We are soxhlet extraction unit manufacturers and suppliers in India. We have our own factory and design these extraction units with 3 and 6 heating mantles in small, medium and large capacities. The complete unit is setup with extractor base cabinet, supporting rods, clamps and glass apparatus. If you need only extraction unit (extractor) without glass parts (apparatus), we also supply it at economical price in India.

The extractor cabinet is made of powder coated mild steel. Horizontal and vertical rods are metallic. Temperature is controlled through energy regulator. It is the most economical design. If you need advance model then we can use PID temperature controller for precise temperature controlling and accuracy.


Heating mantle 3 6
Flask capacity 250ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml 250ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml
  • Powder coated MS cabinet
  • Vertical & horizontal rods
  • Screws & clamps
  • Powder coated MS cabinet
  • Vertical & horizontal rods
  • Screws & clamps
Heating element Nichrome heating element Nichrome heating element
Temperature controller Individual energy regulator Individual energy regulator
Heating surface Fiber glass net Fiber glass net
Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz 220 Volts 50Hz
Optional PID temperature controller
Note Soxhlet unit is available with and without glass parts
Soxhlet Extraction Unit
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