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Refrigerators and storage cabinets for blood bags at 4°C

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood bank refrigerator (BBR) is a designated temperature controlled refrigeration machine specially designed to store blood bags at 4 degree celsius. As the name indicates, it is widely used in blood banks and hospitals. Not every refrigerator is blood refrigerator; temperature uniformity is prime requirement for blood bag storage, other things to consider while buying such fridge are bags capacity, number of shelves, material of construction and safety features etc.

We are ISO and CE certified blood bank refrigerator manufacturers and suppliers in India and has been helping blood banks and hospitals over 40 years to meet their stringent requirements of blood bags at correct temperature range. Also known as blood fridge, we make these storage cabinets in various designs including chest, benchtop and floor standing. Using branded refrigeration system and certified components, we bring reliability in our blood fridges providing better storage of blood bags. We are proud that we have maintained high standard in quality in the last 40 years.

We are happy to discuss your blood storage requirements. To know our blood bank refrigerator price, please provide number of blood bags you want to store and specific accessories you want to fit in it. Our engineering team carefully designs your machine. Each unit is supplied only after continuous testing for long hours.

Detailed Description

  • Internal capacity: The internal capacity of a blood bank refrigerator is measured by number of blood bags stored inside the chamber. Our standard models are available in 24, 50, 100, 200 and 300 blood bags capacities. Furthermore, these can be designed in bench top and floor standing models.
  • Design: Our blood bank refrigerators are ergonomically designed and feature long service life with almost no maintenance required. The internal chamber is easy to clean; the bottom surface is so designed that water runs into hole easily and drains out from the pipe at rear side.
  • Material of construction: The internal chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel for durable and corrosion free performance. The exterior is made of powder coated GI metal sheet that feature rust free surface. Complete cabinet is insulated with thick layer of PUF insulation to keep the machine energy efficient.
  • Temperature Controller: Our each blood storage cabinet is equipped with digital temperature controller in order to maintain superior temperature accuracy and uniformity. This controller shows both SV (set value) and PV (present value) on the LED screen. Membrane touch keypad features soft key pressing. It also features temperature safety high low alarm, which alerts operator if any temperature variation occurs beyond set point.
  • Temperature Monitoring:In order to monitor accurate temperature, sensor is enclosed in liquid loaded bottle. This temperature monitoring system helps to read precise temperature of blood bags and avoids temperature variation due to frequent opening closing of door.
  • Doors: Our blood bank refrigerators are equipped with 2 doors; one is inner door which is made of toughened glass and fitted in aluminum frame, the external door is insulated and equipped with magnetic gasket and sturdy door latch having lock and key. A toughened glass window can also be fitted as an option.
  • Shelves: Shelves are removable and made of stainless steel thick round wires and designed in such a way that bags are kept in horizontal position and labels are clearly visible. Number of shelves depends upon volume of blood refrigerator.
  • Air circulation: Our blood bank refrigerators are fitted with axial fans to provide uniform temperature distribution across all shelves.
  • Refrigeration: We use only EMERSON make Copeland™ brand R 404A hermetic compressors that are energy efficient, CFC free and low noise refrigeration systems.
  • Illumination: For illumination under chamber LED light is fitted. Light is controlled through door open close or user can directly switch On/Off through front control panel.
  • Accessories:In order to gain optimum use of a blood bank refrigerator there are various accessories available with us. Using caster wheels these machines can become movable, caster wheels can be locked. Various safety alarms are also fitted such as for door open and sudden temperature change etc. Weekly temperature chart recorder and RS232 interface can also be fitted on request.


Temperature range 2°C to 6°C
Temperature accuracy  ±1°C
Temperature sensor PT-100
Temperature controller Microprocessor PID controller with membrane keypad
External construction Powder coated MS
Internal construction 304 grades stainless steel
Door Insulated door with magnetic gasket, handle, lock & key
Internal door Toughened glass fitted in aluminum frame
Insulation PUF insulation
Illumination LED light (door operated)
Air circulation Suitable blower for uniform temperature
Refrigeration system EMERSON Make Copeland™ brand
R404A CFC free hermetic compressor
Condenser Fin and tube type
Hold over time Approx.1 hour 30 minutes
Safety features Sudden temperature change alarm
Door lock with keys
  • Stainless steel exterior (GMP Model)
  • Roll out type drawer
  • 21 CFR compliance software
  • Door open alarm
  • Battery backup for temp controller
  • Temperature chart recorder
  • RS232 / USB interface
Power supply Single phase 220/240 volts 50 Hz

Standard Sizes / Dimensions

Model Volume (Liters) No. of bags
STXBBR165 165 Liters 110
STXBBR215 215 Liters 200
STXBBR400 400 Liters 300
Blood bank refrigerator
Blood bank refrigerator 100 Bags
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