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Lab vacuum drying ovens in round & rectangular chamber

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven is used for drying heat sensitive materials such as powder to extract moisture. As vacuum drying lowers the boiling point; therefore, losses of compounds other than water are minimized. Samples are dried under gentle heating leaving almost no residue. Some applications of vacuum oven include moisture content determination, dry sterilization, purification and out gassing of solids etc.

We are vacuum oven manufacturers and suppliers in India. In our factory, these ovens are made in both rectangular and cylindrical (round) shapes with temperature range up to 150°C (200°C optional). Each unit delivers excellent durability for long run. Below are vacuum oven technical specifications, please read them and find the one that fits your needs and contact our sales team to finalize the purchase process. If there is something missing, please share your requirement with our technical team, we also make customized large vacuum ovens at competitive price in India.

Detailed Description

  • Design: Our vacuum ovens are designed in both rectangular and square chamber and round chamber as required and the capacity is available from 6 liters to 21 liters or more.
  • Construction: A vacuum oven must be made rugged and leak proof; therefore, we make these units thick gauge of stainless steel sheets, fabricated and jointed with arc welding and nicely designed. Exterior cabinet is usually made of powder coated GI sheet; while the inner chamber is made of stainless steel 304 or 316 supported with high density glass wool insulation. We also make GMP vacuum oven having both inner and outer made of stainless steel.
  • Vacuum: The vacuum is achieved better than -750mmHg or 28 psi. Standard vacuum oven units are equipped with dial type analog vacuum gauge of 30psi range. As an option, we also fit imported digital vacuum display and controller for precise accuracy. Vacuum intake and release valves are fitted on either side of unit.
  • Door: The door is also made of thick gauge of steel with toughened glass and durable clamp to close the door. With silicone gasket at chamber, the door ensures leak proof performance.
  • Temperature: The temperature range of standard vacuum oven is ambient+10°C to 200°C, which is controlled through microprocessor based PID temperature controller having dual display of set value (SV) and process value (PV). It is supported with PT100 temperature sensor.
  • Options: We offer several optional accessories with our vacuum ovens such as oil free vacuum pump, data logging, digital timer and caster wheels with brake at bottom. We also equip your vacuum oven with highly advanced PLC based HMI controller which not only offers temperature settings but also provides vacuum control, digital vacuum display and data monitoring with USB interface to transfer data into pen drive.

Technical Specifications

Chamber design Round and Rectangular
Vacuum range Up to -760 mmHg (30 psi)
Temperature range Ambient+5°C to 150°C
Temperature sensor PT100
Temperature controller
  • Digital PID controller
  • Display of SV & PV
Inner chamber Hermetically welded stainless steel 304 sheet
External cabinet Powder coated GI sheet
Door Solid door with clamp & toughened glass window
Gasket High temperature silicon gasket
Shelves Removable SS shelves
Vacuum fittings Vacuum inlet / outlet valves
Standard fittings
  • Mains on/off switch
  • Vacuum pump on/off switch
  • Electric socket for vacuum pump
Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz
  • 21 CFR compliance software
  • Temperature up to 200°C & 250°C
  • All SS 304 construction (GMP)
  • Digital vacuum control through solenoid valves
  • PLC + HMI controller with USB interface
  • Diaphragm valves for inert gas
  • Timer 99 hours 59 min
  • Oil free vacuum pump

Rectangular Vacuum Oven

Model Dimensions (W x H x D) Volume
STXRVO8 200 x 200 x 200 mm 8 Liters
STXRVO36 300 x 300 x 400 mm 36 Liters
STXRVO61 350 x 350 x 500 mm 61 Liters
STXRVO121 450 x 450 x 600 mm 121 Liters

Cylindrical Vacuum Oven

Model Dimensions (Dia. x L) Volume
STXCVO6 200 x 200 mm 6 Liters
STXCVO12 250 x 250 mm 12 Liters
STXCVO14 250 x 300 mm 14 Liters
STXCVO21 300 x 300 mm 21 Liters
Vacuum Oven
Vacuum Oven
Laboratory Vacuum Oven
Laboratory Vacuum Oven
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