Laboratory Oven

Laboratory oven with in-built humidification facility

Humidity Oven

Humidity Ovens are designed for performing tests that need high humidity 90% to 95% RH at Ambient+10°C to 60°C temperature range; these equipment feature combination of laboratory oven with humidity system in one unit. At STERICOX, we have been manufacturing such humidity controlled ovens for over 40 years and these units are working efficiently throughout India in laboratories of reputed companies, Govt. institutions and research organizations.

Our Humidity Ovens are available at economic price with high degree of temperature and humidity accuracy and uniformity. Each unit is made with long service life and easy to use control system with many safety features. These units are available from 100 liters to 500 liters or more capacities at reasonable price in India. We can also customize temperature range, inner chamber dimensions and type of construction as per requirements.

Detailed Description

  • Temperature Range: The temperature range of our humidity ovens remains between ambient +10°C to 60°C. The temperature is generated using ISI marked SS air heaters with fins. This range can be increased as per user requirement.
  • Humidity Range: The humidity range remains between 80% to 95% RH and generated using stainless steel water tank with ISI mark immersion heaters with steam injection method. Humidity system has safety feature of low water level.
  • Controller: For both temperature and humidity control, we use microprocessor based PID controller, which gives excellent accuracy and uniformity throughout the test cycle. It features soft keypad with easy to read LCD screen.
  • Construction: The construction of our humidity controlled oven is double walled. Inner chamber is made of stainless steel 304; while external cabinet is made of powder coated GI sheet, which is powder coated to offer rust proof performance. The gap between these two walls is filled with thick layer of glass wool or PUF insulation.
  • Safety features: Our humidity ovens are equipped with many safety features such as high and low parameter variation alarm, low water safety of humidity water tank and over temperature protection etc.
  • Optional accessories: If needed, we can equip our humidity ovens with advance features such as strip chart recorder, data logging, RS232 computer interface, PLC based touch HMI controller, USB interface for data transfer into pen drive and many more.


Humidity Range 80% to 98% RH
Humidity uniformity ±3% RH
Temperature range Ambient+10°C to 60°C
Temperature uniformity ±1°C
Controller Microprocessor based PID controller
Humidification SS water tank with immersion heater
Heating SS air heaters with fins
Inner chamber Stainless steel 304
External cabinet Powder coated GI sheet
Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz
Safety features
  • High / low variation alarm
  • Low water level protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • All stainless steel construction
  • PLC based color HMI controller
  • RS232 computer interface


Model Inner Dimensions (W x D x H) Volume
STXHO100 500 x 400 x 500 mm 100 Liters
STXHO170 600 x 400 x 700 mm 170 Liters
STXHO225 600 x 500 x 750 mm 225 Liters
STXHO320 600 x 600 x 900 mm 320 Liters
STXHO500 680 x 680 x 1070 mm 500 Liters
Humidity Oven
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