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Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Ovens are designed to generate heat with air circulation inside chamber at temperature from ambient+10°C to 150°C, 250°C or 300°C. Such forced air circulating ovens are used to dry glassware, packaging items, sterilize general instruments various research purposes etc. There are various industries, where hot air oven are used such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries, textile, electronic components and steel manufacturing industries and microbiology laboratory etc.

The core job of a hot air oven is to eliminate moisture from the material; therefore, it is used in related applications such as curing, drying, baking, annealing and even storage of certain products at constant temperature in laboratory and hospitals etc.

Being a manufacturing company, we have developed our range of hot air ovens for life science applications, medical and general laboratory uses and light industrial applications. Meeting all performance standards and equipping with enhanced safety features, our laboratory hot air ovens are considered most reliable forced air drying units throughout India and worldwide.

We make hot air ovens in various temperature ranges, material of construction and chamber dimensions. Maximum operating temperature range of these ovens are 250°C, 300°C, 350°C and 400°C which is controlled through microprocessor based PID controller. It displays both set value (SV) and process value (PV) and with the help of PT100 temperature sensor, it controls the temperature precisely. Forced air circulation is maintained using branded motor driven blower system. For heating, we use ceramic bead heating elements or tubular air heaters for high temperature. Each unit is fitted with over temperature protection device (safety thermostat), which keeps your oven safe in case of controller failure.

A hot air oven must have attractive design, rugged construction and easy to clean surface; therefore, internal chamber of our ovens is made of thick gauge of stainless steel (SS 304 / SS 316). Corners are such designed that cleaning becomes an easy job for operator. Shelves are made of stainless steel wire mesh cable; these are removable in order to adjust the height level. Depending upon size of internal chamber quantity of shelves may vary from 2 to 5 or more. External cabinet is made of either powder coated mild steel, GI sheet or stainless steel as required. For easy mobility of large size ovens, caster wheels with brake are fitted at the bottom.

We are hot air oven manufacturers and suppliers in India; having oven factory in Delhi, we have capability to develop any customized oven that fits your specific requirements. If you want to buy a drying oven for laboratory or any other application, please choose from below mentioned standard models. If you have specific size and temperature requirement, we can also design customized large industrial ovens at reasonable price in India.

There are several optional accessories are also available to fit in your hot air oven; such as, explosion proof heater, digital timer, PLC based HMI controller, RS485 computer interface, 21 CFR software, data logger and circular chart recorder and HEPA filter air inlet etc.

Hot Air Oven Diagram

1. External cabinet
2. Glass wool insulation
3. Inner chamber
4. Tubular air heaters
5. Motor driven blower
6. Temperature sensor
7. Tray slots
8. PID temperature controller
9. Load indicator
10. Mains on/off switch
11. Safety thermostat
Hot Air Oven Diagram


  • 40°C to 250°C temperature
  • Uniform air circulation across chamber
  • Digital temperature controller cum indicator
  • Excellent uniformity at high temperature
  • Stainless steel 304 grade inner chamber
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • Fume ventilation points on both sides
  • Stainless steel cable trays
  • Over temperature protection

Detailed Description

  • Temperature Range: The standard temperature range of a laboratory hot air oven is ambient+10°C to 250°C; we also make high temperature hot air ovens with maximum temperature range up to 300°C, 350°C and 400°C.
  • Temperature Controller: It is the backbone of any hot air oven, we always equip our hot air ovens with imported and branded PID temperature controllers that feature auto-tuning and display both set value (SV) and process value (PV). It is also responsible for accuracy of temperature during the entire cycle.
  • Heating Element: Tubular air heaters are considered best for hot air oven; these elements are ISI mark and from reputed brands in the market and offer fast heat up using minimum energy consumption.
  • Air Circulation: In order to circulate uniform air throughout the chamber forced air circulation is achieved by motorized blower. We use only branded motor and blower assembly for this purpose. It is fitted at rear side or top side of the chamber as per convenient.
  • Construction: Rugged construction is prime requisite of any hot air oven. Our ovens are made of thick stainless steel sheets that are nicely jointed through arc welding. External cabinet is usually made of powder coated GI sheet and for GMP models; all SS 304 sheets are used.
  • Optional Accessories: We also offer many optional features and accessories with our hot air oven such as we can also equipment these units with data logging and monitoring device, digital soak timer, toughened glass window and PLC based HMI controller etc.


Temperature range Ambient +5°C to 200°C
Temperature accuracy ±1°C
Temperature sensor PT100
Temperature controller
  • Microprocessor PID controller
  • Display of SV & PV
Construction Double walled
Inner chamber Stainless steel 304
Exterior Mild steel powder coated
Insulation Glass Wool
Shelves SS wire mesh cable trays (removable)
Door Insulated solid door with clamp
Door gasket Synthetic rubber gasket
Air circulation Motor driven blower assembly
Vent port 1 or 2 depending upon chamber size
Safety Over temperature protection
Power supply 220 Volts / 50 Hz
  • Temperature up to250°C, 300°C, 350°C
  • Perforated inner walls
  • Pass through (two side doors)
  • Access ports for sensors & data monitoring
  • Digital timer 99 hours 99 minutes
  • Fan speed controller
  • Programmable controller for ramp & soak profile
  • Toughened glass window
  • Stainless steel exterior (GMP model)
  • Computer interface
  • Data logger with USB interface
  • PLC based color HMI automation
  • Caster wheels with brake

Note: We also make large size ovens (Walk-in oven)


Model No. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Capacity (Liters)
STXLO28 12" X 12" X 12" 300 x 300 x 300 28 L
STXLO45 14" X 14" X 14" 350 x 350 x 350 45 L
STXLO95 18" X 18" X 18" 450 x 450 x 450 95 L
STXLO127 18" X 18" X 24" 450 x 450 x 600 127 L
STXLO226 24" X 24" X 24" 600 x 600 x 600 226 L
STXLO254 18" X 24" X 36" 450 x 600 x 900 254 L
STXLO340 24" X 24" X 36" 600 x 600 x 900 340 L
STXLO513 28" X 28" X 40" 710 x 710 x 1016 513 L
STXLO768 31.5" X 31.5" X 47.2" 800 x 800 x 1200 768 L
STXLO1000 39.4" X 39.4" X 39.4" 1000 x 1000 x 1000 1000 L
Hot Air Oven
Hot Air Oven with PC Interface
Hot Air Oven
Laboratory Hot Air Oven
Hot Air Oven
Hot Air Oven
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