Laboratory Shakers

For 4 and 8 flask from 100 to 500 ml

Wrist Action Shaker

Wrist Action Shaker is a laboratory shaking machine which imitates human action of back and forth in very precise manner. Our wrist motion shaker comes in holding capacities of 4 and 8 flasks of 100ml to 500ml. Shaking is performed by in-built heavy duty motor mechanism. A rotary speed regulator is fitted to control wrist action speed. 0 – 99 minutes timer is optional accessory for continuous shaking and fitted on request of customer. Shaft is made of steel rod and clamps with rubber sleeves are fitted on it. Rubber sleeves provides easy grip of flasks. The housing is made of powder coated MS. We can also fit a platform with clamps at top of the instrument to hold 4 or 8 flasks. These wrist shakers instruments are easy to use, portable and available at good price in India.


No. of clamps 2 + 2 4 + 4
Flasks capacities 100ml to 500ml 100ml to 500ml
Speed control Speed regulator Speed regulator
Housing Powder coated MS Powder coated MS
Power supply 220 Volts 50 Hz 220 Volts 50 Hz
  • 0 – 99 Minutes mechanical timer
  • 0 – 99 Minutes digital timer
  • Digital RPM LED display
  • Top platform to hold flasks
Wrist Action Shaker
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