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VDRL Rotator for agglutination and blood grouping tests

VDRL Shaker

VDRL Shaker is mostly used for autoagglutination test in hematology and microbiology for rotating or shaking slides for VDRL tests. It is also known as VDRL rotator and widely used in microbiology lab, virology lab, blood banks and various diagnostic labs.

We make VDRL Shakers in different configurations. Our basic model comes with 13 x 13 inches platform with spring holder that can accommodate slides. The shaking or rotation is adjustable from 150 to 200 rpm using a speed regulator. A mechanical timer of up to 60 minutes is also fitted to control the duration of VDRL test rotation. The housing is made of powder coated MS sheet and the instrument runs on 220 volts 50Hz power supply. Advance model has digital RPM display and digital timer for precise measurement. Each instrument is available at reasonable price in India.


Platform size 13 x 13 inch with spring holder 13 x 13 inch with spring holder
RPM 150 to 200 rpm 150 to 200 rpm
RPM display NO LED Display
Timer Mechanical Timer 0-60 minutes Digital Timer 0-60 minutes
Power supply 220 Volts 50 Hz 220 Volts 50 Hz
VDRL Shaker
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