Laboratory Shakers

Sedimentation shaker for 5 or 6 cylinders

Sedimentation Shaker

STERICOX™ sedimentation shaker is designed for smooth analysis of sedimentation value of samples under 50 or 100 ml cylinders. These shakers are made for 5 or 6 cylinders; cylinder carrier (holding tray) is made either wooden or acrylic. These units feature smooth operation and movement at an angle of 30°C from horizontal. For shaking / oscillation a speed regulator is fitted at from side of the cabinet; by rotating it, user can set the RPM as required. A digital timer with buzzer is an optional accessory, it can be fitted on extra price which alerts user when cycle (sedimentation period) ends. It is light weight in design, cost effective and offers long years of trouble free working performance.


Number of samples 5 6
Sample Holder Wooden Carrier / Acrylic
Cylinders 50 ml / 100 ml
Tilt angle 30° Fixed
Oscillations 40 Oscillations / Min
Oscillation controller Speed regulator
Cabinet Painted / coated MS
Motor DC motor
Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz
  • Digital Timer 999 min
  • END cycle buzzer
Sedimentation Shaker
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