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Carbon Dioxide incubators for cell, tissue culture & IVF

CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubators are used in tissue cell culture growth applications in laboratories. These units are designed with CO2 gas injection system, temperature and humidity system to create suitable environment inside the chamber ideal for tissue cell culture growth, In vitro fertilization (IVF), cancer research and neuroscience etc.

We are CO2 Incubator manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our factory is located in Delhi and we supply our CO2 Incubators throughout India at wholesale price. CO2 Incubators manufactured by our company are rugged and durable and offer you years of worry free performance. These units are fitted with LCD control panel having facilities of adjusting CO2 percentage, Temperature and Humidity ranges. For safety, there is low and high alarm, which alerts user if there, is any variation in CO2, temperature and humidity. A UV lamp is also fitted inside the chamber for decontamination.

Inner chamber is made of stainless steel 304 with coved corners to facilitate easy cleaning. A glass observation door is also fitted to view samples without disturbing inner environment. Standard models of our laboratory CO2 incubators come in 50 liters, 100 liters, 150 and 172 liters but also make large and customized sizes as per user requirements. Please check specifications below and email us your query for quotation and other important details.

Note: CO2 gas cylinder and regulator are under client scope

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent CO2, temperature & humidity accuracy
  • LCD digital controller
  • UV lamp sterilization
  • Rugged construction for longer life
  • Toughened glass observation door
  • Corrosion free powder coated cabinet
  • Stainless steel 304 internal chamber
  • Rounded internal corners

Detailed Description

  • Construction: Air jacket construction with stainless steel inner chamber and powder coated GI outer cabinet. Rounded (coved) inner chamber corners make cleaning easy.
  • CO2 Range: These cell culture incubators feature CO2 gas range 2% to 20% supported by in-built gas control system and IR sensor. A pipe from cylinder through regulator is connected to CO2 inlet valve at rear side of the unit.
  • Temperature: Temperature can be adjusted anywhere between ambient+10°C to 60°C.
  • Humidity: 90% humidity is easily achieved and maintained. Water is filled at bottom.
  • Controller: A LCD control panel is fitted on top front with 3 default programs and each program is editable. User can set CO2 percentage, Temperature and Humidity range as required.
  • Decontamination: A UV lamp is fitted inside the CO2 incubator for decontamination. It is supported by ON/Off switch and also door operated.
  • Trays: We provide perforated SS trays and wire mesh trays with our CO2 incubators.
  • Illumination: A LED light is also fitted for illumination inside the chamber, which is door operated.


Model STXCO250 STXCO2100 STXCO2150 STXCO2172
Volume 50 Liters 100 Liters 150 Liters 172 Liters
Outer Powder coated GI Sheet
Inner Stainless steel 304
Insulation Glass wool
Outer door Solid Outer w/ clamp handle
Observation door Toughened glass door
Door Gasket Silicone rubber gasket
Tray Perforated or wire mesh trays
CO2 Sensor IR Sensor
CO2 Range 2% to 20%
Temperature Ambient+10°C to 60°C
Illumination LED light
Air circulation Axial fan
Humidity system Water filled at bottom tank
Sterilization UV lamp
Temperature control
  • Digital PID Controller
  • CO2 percentage setting
  • Temperature setting
  • Humidity setting
  • Display of SV & PV
  • CO2 variation alarm
  • Temperature variation alarm
  • Humidity variation alarm
Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz
  • Water jacket construction
  • HEPA filtered air inlet
  • GMP construction (All SS 304)
  • Data logging & printer
  • PLC based HMI controller
co2 incubator 100 Liters
Tissue Culture CO2 incubator
IVF co2 incubator
Cell Culture co2 incubator
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