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Refrigerated low temperature incubators for BOD test

BOD Incubator

The full from of BOD Incubator is Biological Oxygen Demand incubator and it is widely used in microbiology laboratories for the applications that include cell culture and fungal growth, BOD test, fermentation, crop and physiology and various pharmaceutical tests etc. It is also known as low temperature incubator or refrigerated incubator because it is made with temperature range between 5°C to 60°C or with cooling and heating functions under one unit.

Difference between incubator and bod incubator

The basic difference between an incubator and BOD incubator is temperature. A general purpose incubator has only heating option and is usually operated at 37°C; while a BOD incubator also known as cooled incubator has both cooling and heating options and usually operated at low temperatures such as 10°C and 21°C.

BOD Incubator Working Principle

Electricity is supplied through mains MCB. Temperature is set through digital PID temperature controller, usually at 20°C. Machine is kept running for 5 days. Refrigeration system starts just after setting temperature. Axial fan circulates air inside chamber. Temperature sensor senses current temperature and give data to PID controller, which furthermore keeps the set temperature constant till desired time.

Detailed Description

  • Temperature: Standard temperature range of our BOD Incubators is 5°C to 60°C. In incubation process, temperature accuracy and uniformity both are important; therefore, our BOD incubators are equipped with digital PID controller supported by PT100 sensor for temperature settings that displays both SV (set value) and PV (process value). Temperature accuracy is ± 0.5°C and uniformity remains ± 1°C.
  • Illumination: For illumination, we use fluorescent or LED light, which is door operated use can also individual switch it On or OFF permanently. As an option, we also provide 3 tube lights on door with digital cyclic timer in to control the illumination 24x7 weekly.
  • Safety: There are some safety features in our BOD Incubators such as over temperature and over current protection and temperature low and high limit buzzer alert etc.
  • Cooling: For cooling temperature under BOD Incubator, we use CFC free refrigeration system of reputed brand in the market such as EMERSON or Godrej.
  • Heating: Heating is done by ISI mark U shaped tubular air heaters.
  • Air circulation: Air circulation is mandatory to spread uniform temperature inside the chamber; for this we use axial fans or motorized blower system.
  • Construction: Our BOD incubators are made keeping durability in mind. Construction is durable and double walled; exterior is made of thick mild steel and powder coated; while, interior is made of stainless steel. The gap between these two walls is filled with PUF insulation. Outer door is solid and there is also an inner door made of glass to view samples. Outer door has mechanical door lock and key.
  • Trays: Each BOD Incubator is provided with 2 to 5 removable trays. These trays are removable and height adjustable and made of steel wire mesh cable. We also provide perforated stainless steel trays as option.
  • Options: We offer some options to our customers with little added cost. These options are 21 CFR software, PC interface and PLC based HMI controller with USB interface and validation port at either side of the machine. We also make GMP BOD Incubators with complete stainless steel construction.

We are BOD incubator manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our standard models can be bought at highly competitive price with excellent warranty terms, price and performance guarantee. We also make customized units at factory price based on specific requirements of each customer.

BOD Incubator Diagram

1. Exterior
2. Inner chamber
3. Toughened glass window
4. Air circulation fan
5. Removable tray
6. Temperature sensor
7. Door hinges
8. Door handle with lock & key
9. PID temperature controller
10. Analog ampere meter
11. Pilot lamp
12. Safety thermostat
13. On/Off MCB
14. Refrigeration system
15. Power cord
16. Caster wheels
17. Solid door
18. Heater
BOD Incubator Diagram


Temperature Range 5°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1°C
Temperature sensor PT-100
Temperature Controller
  • PID temperature controller
  • LED display of SV & PV
Construction Double walled with PUF Insulation
Inner Construction Stainless Steel 304 grade
Exterior Construction Powder Coated and painted GI sheet
Exterior Door Solid door with clamp / lock
Inner door Glass door to view samples
Trays SS wire mesh cable trays (removable)
Interior illumination LED Light
Heating Element U-shaped SS tubular heaters / nichrome wire heater
Refrigeration System CFC Free R 134 A Compressor
Air Circulation Motorized Blower / Axial fan
Safety Temperature High / Low alarm
Power supply 220 Volts 50 Hz
  • Illumination with 3 florescent lights
  • Digital cyclic timer 24 x 7
  • 21 CFR Software
  • RS232 computer interface
  • Exterior SS 304 / SS 316
  • Data logger with USB Interface
  • Humidity system
  • Door open light indicator
  • PLC & HMI controller with USB interface
  • 65 mm hole to insert sensor
  • IQ, OQ & PQ Documentation
  • Caster wheels with brake

Standard Dimensions / Sizes

Model Dimensions (w x D x H) Volume No. of Trays
STXBOD120 450 x 450 x 600 mm 120 2
STXBOD216 600 x 600 x 600 mm 216 2
STXBOD320 600 x 600 x 900 mm 320 3
STXBOD450 600 x 600 x 1250 mm 450 4
STXBOD600 600 x 800 x 1250 mm 600 5
STXBOD800 800 x 800 x 1250 mm 800 5
STXBOD1000 800 x 800 x 1550 mm 1000 5
BOD Incubator
BOD Incubator Microbiology
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Features & Benefits

  • Digital PID temperature controller
  • Digital timer 99:99 hr
  • Temperatrure Low / High variation alarm
  • Fire resistant insulation compliant to BS476 Class "O"
  • Height adjustable stainless steel shelves
  • Illumination through LED lamp

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