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Customized single & double door chambers for seed germination

Seed Germinator

Seed Germinator is a machine used for germination of different types of seeds in laboratories. These machines are specifically designed growth chambers that create artificial environment using temperature, humidity and light responsible for germination of seeds. These chambers play important role in crop productions.

We are seed germinator manufacturers and suppliers in India. These test chambers meet optimum seed germination requirements in laboratory tests. These machines are durably constructed with rust proof construction materials such as stainless steel and powder coated mild steel. Inner chamber is easy to clean and wipe. Outer door is inslulated and fitted with lock and key arrangement. Inner door is made of tempered glass and good for view samples inside. Shelves are made of stainless steel and user can adjust their height as per need.

For humidification, we use ultrasonic humidifier featuring auto cut-off if water supply is stopped. Both temperature and humidity is controlled using microprocessor based PID controller. Accuracy and uniformity are unmatched of both these parameters. Illumination is done using fluorescent lamp, which is controlled using 24x7 digital timer.

If needed, we can also customize or further modify these seed germinators with number of accessories including PLC with HMI interface and data logger with USB interface etc. These test chambers are economical in price and sold throughout India with complete installation and commissioning services.

Detailed Description

  • Chambers: Our seed germinators are constructed in single chamber and dual chamber designs. Dual chamber machine has two adjacent chambers and each chamber has individual temperature and humidity control system.
  • Construction: Our seed chambers are known for rugged heavy-duty construction. Inner chamber of each machine is made of thick sheet of stainless steel 304; while the exterior is made of GI sheet which is powder coated for corrosion resistance surface. Each jointed is nicely molded and arc welded.
  • Control system: When using seed germinator accuracy is a prime requirement; therefore, we use only branded and imported PID based temperature and humidity control system supported by high accuracy PT100 RTD sensor and capacitive sensor. In addition, we also use PLC based HMI controller which features color touch screen, data monitoring and recording and data transfer into computer. It can be further customized to any level of comfort and requirement.
  • Cooling System: The cooling system in our seed germinator machines are done using branded CFC free and hermetically sealed compressor with R134A refrigerant. It is long life compressor and plays important role in maintaining low temperature.
  • Humidification: The humidification system consists of a stainless steel tank and an ISI mark immersion heater. It also features automatic water filling device, when water goes below the low level, this device opens the valve for water re-filling.
  • Heating: For heating system, we use tubular air heaters that are non-corrosive and feature fast heat up.
  • Air circulation: In order to achieve uniform temperature and humidity level in every corner of the chamber forced air circulation is needed and in our seed germinators we use branded motorized blower assembly for this purpose. This assembly not only distributes temperature and humidity uniformly all over the chamber but also offers quiet and vibration free operation for long years.
  • Illumination: Good seed growth mostly depends upon sufficient illumination inside the chamber; therefore, we equip our seed germinator machines with high LUX fluorescent LED lights that are controlled through microprocessor controlled cyclic timer. This timer controls the light mode for a week 24 hours a day.


Temperature range 5°C to 60°C
Temperature controller Digital PID controller
Temperature accuracy ±1%
Temperature sensor PT-100
Humidity range 50% to 90% RH
Humidity controller Digital PID controller
Humidity accuracy ±3%
Humidity sensor Non condensing type
Humidity system Ultrasonic Humidifier
Light 150-170 micromole/m2/sec
Light timer 24x7 weekly digital timer
Construction Double walled
Exterior Mild steel powder coated
Interior Stainless steel 304
Outer door Single or double solid doors with lock & key
Inner door Glass door to view samples
Shelves 3 to 5 (Height adjustable)
Compressor CFC free branded
Safety Audio / visual alarm for temperature deviation
  • Exterior made of stainless steel 304 / 316
  • PLC with HMI interface
  • Data logger with USB interface
  • Password protection for controller
  • Caster wheels
Power supply 220 Volts / 50 Hz


Model Dimensions (mm) Volume (Liters) Volume (Cu. Ft.)
STXSG171 505 x 415 x 830 171 6
STXSG280 570 x 550 x 900 280 10
STXSG340 650 x 580 x 900 340 12
STXSG400 700 x 640 x 900 400 14
STXSG580 775 x 775 x 970 580 20
STXSG840 825 x 825 x 1200 840 30
Seed Germinator
Seed Germinator Machine
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