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Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber is a closed cabinet having provision of three side lights, humidity and temperature. It is widely used in in plant biology, soil science and agriculture research and growth of rice and Arabidopsis etc. The purpose of using a plant growth chamber or tissue culture growth chamber is to create artificial environment using combination of temperature, humidity and light at various ranges.

We are ISO and CE certified plant growth chamber manufacturers in India. We make these growth chambers with matched specifications provided by our customers. We have in-house manufacturing unit (factory), where our engineering team designs and develops plant growth chambers that meet your specifications along with required quality standards.

Plant growth chambers at Stericox are designed carefully to ensure you that you are buying such a cabinet which features unmatched accuracy and reliability in control of temperature, humidity and light; in addition to standard models, large sizes and walk-in rooms (according to plant height) are also made on request at reasonable price in India.

Detailed Description

  • Construction: Our plant growth chambers are ruggedly designed with thick gauge of stainless steel 304 chamber and exterior is made of powder coated GI sheet for corrosion resistance surface. High density PUF insulation of 70mm is filled between inner and external walls. Main chamber is nicely fabricated with arc welding. These growth chambers are made in 150 liters to 1000 liters or more like walkin chambers. Caster wheels with brake are fitted for easy mobility of chambers.
  • Doors: Each plant growth chamber has two doors; one for observation and fitted directly at the inner chamber allows you view plants inside without deforming inner conditions. The exterior door is solid and PUF insulated and fitted with easy to use latch handle.
  • Temperature & Humidity: The temperature range is 5°C to 60°C and humidity range is 50% to 90%. These parameters are controlled through imported PID controller which features excellent accuracy and uniformity with PT100 temperature and capacitive humidity sensors. Tubular air heaters are used for temperature and for humidity, stainless steel tank with immersion heater is used with automatic water filling facility.
  • Illumination: Illumination plays important role in effective plant growth condition; therefore, we use high quality growth lights at three sides of the chamber. These lights are controlled through cyclic timer for 24X7 a week. These lights can be easily changed or replaced at user level.
  • Optional: We also equip our plant growth chambers with some advance features such as PLC based HMI controller. It features color touch screen having display and control of temperature and humidity with data monitoring and storage and also facility USB interface to transfer data into pen drive. We also make 30mm port hole for external wires and validation.


  • Accuracy of temperature, humidity & light
  • Made according to plant height
  • Digital control panel
  • Digital light timer
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Durable construction


Temperature range Lights Off: 5°C to 60°C
Light ON: 10°C to 60°C
Temperature controller Digital PID controller with SV & PV values
Temperature accuracy ±1%
Humidity range 50% to 90%
Humidity controller Digital PID controller with SV & PV values
Humidity accuracy ±3%
Illumination 3 sides illumination with detachable LED lights
(10000 LUX or 23000 LUX)
Light timer 24x7 weekly digital timer
Air circulation Forced air circulation through axial fans
Construction Double walled
Exterior Powder coated steel
Interior Made of Stainless steel 304 with silicon gasket
Outer door Insulated solid door with lock & key and magnetic gasket
Inner door Toughened Glass door to view samples
Insulation 3 inch thick PUF insulation
Shelves Stainless steel or chrome plated (Height adjustable)
Heating Tubular air heaters
Compressor EMERSON Copeland brand compressor CFC free
Humidity system SS boiler tank with immersion heater and automatic water replenishment by external tank
Safety Audio / visual alarm for temperature deviation
  • Exterior made of stainless steel 304 / 316
  • White painted steel inner walls
  • Door open alarm
  • Plant growth racks
  • UV lamp
  • PLC with HMI interface
  • Data logger with USB interface
  • Password protection for controller
  • Caster wheels
Power supply 220 Volts / 50 Hz


Model Dimension (mm) Volume (Liter)
STXPGC150 800 x 500 x 380 150 L
STXPGC250 550 x 450 x 1000 250 L
STXPGC350 550 x 550 x 1200 350 L
STXPGC600 800 x 600 x 1250 600 L
STXPGC800 1120 x 600 x 1200 800 L
STXPGC1000 1150 x 670 x 1300 1000 L
Plant Growth Chamber
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