Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Chambers are designed to create artificial climate under closed chamber. In such climatic chambers, temperature and humidity ranges are adjusted to specific limit in order to meet application specific requirements. In most of applications, where illumination is mandatory, fluorescent lamps are also fitted. An environmental test chamber is used in wide range of applications such as testing of electronic components and devices, solar panels, battery testing, testing of biological samples, plant and seed growth analysis etc.

We are Environmental Test Chambers manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our factory is located in Delhi and we supply our equipment throughout India at wholesale price. Each unit is carefully constructed at our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing unit. It is ensured that each test chamber is made to match critical quality standards.

These chambers are ruggedly designed for long years of efficient working performance. Each test chamber is carefully constructed by our engineering team with matched technical specifications provided by our customers. We design environmental testing chambers in variety of configurations, benchtop and walk-in chamber type or customized as needed. A variety of optional accessories are available to fit on demand.

If you want to buy a test chamber for any specific application, you are welcome to discuss your requirements. Please email your query and get immediate quotation and price list.

Features & Benefits

  • Customized to meet specific test standards
  • Available in cabinet and walk in type as required
  • Rugged construction for long working life
  • Efficient testing of temperature and climatic conditions
  • Precise temperature accuracy and reliability
  • Easy programming and operation
  • Imported PLC based HMI operation
  • Trend graph display
  • Low noise operation

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