Mini size portable autoclave ideal for dental instrument sterilization

Portable Autoclave

Effective sterilization is an integral part of every private nursing home and dental clinic because they engage in highly skilled surgical incision and drainage processes; therefore, Stericox brings a range of dental autoclaves that are ideal for dental surgical instrument sterilization. Being small in size, these mini autoclave machines are a smart choice for every clinic and nursing home. As their premises have limited area, they should require a tabletop or portable autoclave that can be easily put on shelf occupying very less space. Our range of autoclaves easily meets this demand and fulfills modern day's needs of every clinic.

These surgical instrument autoclaves are electric operated, work on the principle of pressure cooker and available in 11, 15, 24 and 39 liters capacities. Usage instructions are simple and described on the sticker pasted on each unit. The sterilization cycle is fast and can achieve 121°C within 20 minutes. These are light weight, small size and tabletop in design and can be placed anywhere you need.

Our range comes in two series one series is made of seamless aluminum and other series is made of epoxy coated aluminum. Both series is supplied with inner and outer stand and optional accessories which includes drums, containers etc.

Each tabletop autoclave is fitted with certified components; heating element and gasket are ISI marked. Steam release / control valve and heat resistant handle make these autoclaves highly safe to use.

Color coded pressure gauge makes your work easier by showing internal pressure conditions; the green color shows pressure between 15 psi to 20 psi which is almost equivalent to temperature 121°C to 127°C.

If you want to buy a dental autoclave at reasonable price that fulfills your sterilization needs, Stericox is the name you can rely, just email us your query, we will contact you.


Capacity (Lt.) including lid 11 15 21 24 28 39
(Dia. X Height)
220 x 300 mm
( 9” x 12”)
300 x 225 mm
(12” x 9”)
300 x 300 mm
(12” x 12”)
300 x 350 mm
(12” x 14”)
300 x 400 mm
(12” x 16”)
300 x 550 mm
(12” x 22”)
MOC Mirror Finished or Epoxy Coated
Power Source Electric 220 Volts AC
Note: Dressing drums, basket, timer and other spares are ordered separately
portable autoclave
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