Double drum surgical autoclave for hospital use

Double Drum Autoclave

Double drum autoclave is one of mandatory sterilization equipment in any hospital, nursing home and even clinics. These steam sterilizers are designed to accommodate two types of dressing drums; 11 x 9 Inch (Dia. X Length) and 15 x 12 inch (Dia. X Length). These two drums are widely used in hospitals to sterilize dressings and other surgical instruments.

Being an autoclave manufacturer, STERICOX has developed an exclusive range double drum autoclave to sterilize surgical instruments. Standard models come in sizes 12 x 22 Inch and 16 X 24 inch (Dia. X Length). These surgical autoclaves are available for sale at wholesale price in India with user friendly warranty terms and reliable after sales service throughout India.

Detailed Description

  • Economy models of our surgical double drum sterilizers are made with stainless steel sterilization chamber and painted MS from outside; while ring and stand are made of heavy MS sheet and chrome plated. The lid is also made of MS and Stainless steel sheet line is fitted inside the lid.
  • Deluxe models are made with stainless steel 304 from inner and outer and lid is also made of SS304; while ring and stand are made of chrome plated MS.
  • In order to control the pressure, our double drum surgical autoclaves are equipped with automatic pressure switch (Danfoss make). Pressure is factory set at 15 to 20psi as required.
  • A mechanical timer from 10 to 60 minute is fitted at control panel. Using this timer, operator can set time for sterilization cycle.
  • While using a high pressure sterilization machine, safety becomes important part; therefore, we equip our double drum autoclave hospital machines with spring loaded safety valve which is fitted at top of the lid. It opens if pressure rises beyond set level.
  • For heating, we use only ISI mark immersion heaters of 2 KW and 4 KW as per capacity of the autoclave. For their safety we offer low water cut-off device which is optional and fitted at extra cost.
  • We also offer some optional accessories such as digital temperature controller cum timer with END cycle buzzer, Fully automatic operation using solenoid valves, all stainless steel construction (GMP model), RS232 computer interface etc.


    Model STXVAE45 STXVAE75
    Volume 45 Liters 75 Liters
    Inner dimensions 12 x 22 Inch (Dia. x L) 16 x 24 Inch (Dia. x L)
    Drum capacity 02 Nos. 11*9 inch 02 Nos. 15*12 inch
    Heater ISI mark Immersion heater 2 KW ISI mark Immersion heater 4 KW
    MOC Exterior Painted MS
    Stand and ring Chrome plated MS
    Sterilization chamber SS 304
    Lid Painted MS w/ SS inner line
    Locking system Radial locking mechanism w/ pedal lifting device
    Pressure 15 to 20 psi
    Temperature 121°C to 125°C
    Pressure release Manual release value
    Pressure display Dial pressure gauge
    Pressure control Automatic pressure control switch
    Gasket High temperature joint less silicone rubber gasket
    Timer Mechanical timer adjustable up to 60 minutes
    Safety Spring loaded safety valve on lid
    Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz
    Test confirmation Hydraulic tested at 2.5 times of working pressure
    Standard fittings
    • Mains on/off switch
    • SS stand to keep drums
    • Water level indicator
    • Water drain valve
    • Power cord with three pin plug
    • Low water cut-off device
    • Dressing drums 11*9 Inch & 15*12 inch
    • All stainless steel construction
    • Triple walled construction
    • Digital temperature controller cum timer
Double Drum Autoclave
Double Drum Autoclave Mechanical Timer
Double Drum Surgical Autoclave Radial Locking Mechanism
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