Ideal for Bowie-dick, Vacuum and Helix tests

Class B Autoclave

Class B Autoclave is the most suitable type of sterilizer considered in dental practice. It is ideal for sterilization of porous materials, wrapped (single & double) and un-wrapped items. It works with pre and post vacuum drying and meets EN 13060 standards.

We supply Class B Dental Autoclave sterilizers in three standard models that are available in 16 liters, 18 liters and 23 liters of volume. Each sterilizer machine is fitted with digital control panel and features easy operation and maintenance. User can select from three types of tests; Bowie-dick, Vacuum and Helix tests. All you need to put your samples inside the chamber and select the type of test.

Each sterilizer has two inbuilt water tanks one tank is for fresh water and other is for wastewater. Chamber is made of 304 stainless steel and easy to clean.

Our class b sterilizers are tabletop in design and occupy very less space in laboratory. They are highly safe to use and fitted with safety valves and self-test alarm system. Double control locking arrangement ensures that the machine is extremely safe for close working conditions.

The sterilization data can be printed through dot matrix printer, attached externally. Data can also be transferred to PC through USB interface. These features are optional and provided with extra cost.

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Features & Benefits

  • Meet EN 13060 standards
  • Pre-post vacuum sterilization
  • Tabletop (benchtop) design
  • Chamber volume 12L, 16L and 22 L
  • Digital control panel
  • Ideal for Bowie-dick, Vacuum and Helix tests
  • Double control locking arrangement
  • Safety valves & self-test alarm system


Capacity 12 Liters 16 Liters 22 Liters
Inner Chamber Dimensions 225 ( Dia.) x 315 (Depth) mm 255 ( Dia.) x 315 Depth) mm 255 ( Dia.) x 432 (Depth) mm
External Dimensions (W x H x D) 470 X 400 X 525 mm 470 X 400 X 585 mm 470 X 400 X 640 mm
Tray 02 03 03
Tray size 200 x 300 mm 215 x 280 mm 215 x 405 mm
MOC of Tray Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Power consumption 1KW 1.4 KW 2 KW
Gross Weight 28 kg 30 kg 35 kg
Optional DOT Matrix Printer
Class B Autoclave
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