Custom Autoclave

In current scenario, customization has become an integral part of autoclave industry. Today, each industry medical and healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food etc have their own sterilization standards and requirements. So it becomes necessary for an autoclave company to provide customized solutions and fulfill their demands with accuracy.

As we have in-house autoclave manufacturing facility, we are able to customize autoclave at highly competitive price. Our engineering team works closely with our clients till they get 100% performance satisfaction. Below we discussed some of areas where customization is generally needed and our solutions to carry out.


While choosing an autoclave, it is design which does matter most; we manufacture autoclaves in all designs such as portable or bench top, floor mounted, front loading, top loading, cylindrical or rectangular. As each autoclave design has its own significance; therefore, selection of design type is mandatory before construction.

Material of Construction

We have both economical and premium class autoclaves with the difference of material of construction. Economical series are made of powder coated mild steel exterior while premium series are completely made of stainless steel.

Sterilization Temperature

Sterilization process is performed on different steam temperatures i.e. 121°C and 134°C. High pressure autoclaves that require 134°C temperature need more strength and supportive components.

Door Type

Especially in horizontal autoclave, we can construct autoclave in two types' single door and double door. Single door autoclave is sufficient for general use but where sterilized samples are required to pass in another room, double door autoclave is suitable.

Fully Automatic Operation

A fully automatic sterilizer must have PLC controller with HMI interface. Several programs can be set and user can select any program according to his need. Sterilization time, temperature, door open / close, print, vacuum, etc. are controlled through PLC.

Steam Generator

Usually all autoclaves have in-built steam generator (boiler). As an option, we can provide a provision to connect chamber directly to building steam pipeline or boiler system.

Water Level Cut-off

As an option, steam generator can be fitted with automatic water level cut-off. Water supply to boiler will stop when tank fills up to set level.

Vacuum System

A vacuum system can be fitted optionally if there is requirement of removal of moisture from the materials to be sterilized.

Sterilization Reports

Sterilization cycle reports are mandatory for further analysis; therefore, we can also fit Dot Matrix printer for direct printouts. A USB port can also be provided to export sterilization reports which can further saved into laptop or PC.


If a customer need, we can provide IQ,OQ and PQ certifications for the autoclave machine.

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