Autoclave for Microbiology Laboratory & Hospital

More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing autoclaves and sterilizers, Stericox has been market leader in providing complete sterilization solution across laboratory, hospital, pharmaceutical and biomedical waste industries. Having ISO and CE certifications, Stericox has solely concentrated on autoclaves for so many years; our know-how about crucial parameters such as temperature control, steam pressure, and safety standards is outstanding. Our long experience with high pressure autoclave construction, our knowledge and team of skilled workers allow us to manufacture unique autoclave that meets specific sterilization standards, all safety procedures and cGMP guidelines. All these make us one of the top autoclave manufacturing companies in India.

Autoclave Design

Our range of autoclave machines are manufactured in various design configurations such as portable or tabletop, vertical, horizontal and double door etc. In addition, we also provide autoclave accessories at reasonable price in India; therefore, we are your one stop source for complete sterilization solution for any application.

Application & Use

We manufacture autoclaves for almost every application dairy products, biomedical waste, hydrogenation, dental clinic, Operation Theater, glassware, medical instrument and microbiology etc.

We manufacture autoclaves:

For Laboratory:Sterilization required in microbiology analysis to eradicate micro-organisms, tissue culture sterilization
For Hospitals: to sterilize surgical instruments and bedding and safe disposal of medical waste
For Pharmaceutical: To sterilize bottles, vials, ampoules, bags and pouches etc.
For Dairy industry: used as batch sterilizer to sterilize milk samples in bottles

Here you find autoclave types that we manufacture, our customization capabilities, pictures and videos, brochure and many more. If are unable to find your choice of product, please email us, we will try to source it for you.

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Features & Benefits

  • Meet GMP pharmaceutical environment guidelines
  • Ideal product for processes with higher flow capacities with moderate pressure drops
  • Each machine meets validation process
  • Available in semi & fully automatic models
  • Hydrostatically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure
  • Highly safe and rugged construction
  • Easy to use control systems

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