Manufacturing autoclaves and sterilizers is the core business of Stericox. Over 40 years, Stericox has been serving laboratory, hospital and pharmaceutical industries with its steam and dry heat sterilization machines. Our custom capabilities are unmatched, quality is superior and prices are unbeatable.

Stericox - # 1 Autoclave Manufacturer India

More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing autoclaves and sterilizers, Stericox has been market leader in providing complete sterilization solution across laboratory, hospital, pharmaceutical and biomedical waste industries. Having ISO and CE certifications, Stericox has solely concentrated on autoclaves for so many years; our know-how about crucial parameters such as temperature control, steam pressure, and safety standards is outstanding. Our long experience with high pressure autoclave construction, our knowledge and team of skilled workers allow us to manufacture unique autoclave that meets specific sterilization standards, all safety procedures and cGMP guidelines. All these make us one of the top autoclave manufacturing companies in India.

Autoclave Design

Our range of autoclave machines are manufactured in various design configurations such as portable or tabletop, vertical, horizontal and double door etc. In addition, we also provide autoclave accessories at reasonable price in India; therefore, we are your one stop source for complete sterilization solution for any application.

Application & Use

We manufacture autoclaves for almost every application dairy products, biomedical waste, hydrogenation, dental clinic, Operation Theater, glassware, medical instrument and microbiology etc.

We manufacture autoclaves:

For Laboratory: Sterilization required in microbiology analysis to eradicate micro-organisms, tissue culture sterilization

For Hospitals: to sterilize surgical instruments and bedding and safe disposal of medical waste

For Pharmaceutical: To sterilize bottles, vials, ampoules, bags and pouches etc.

For Dairy industry: used as batch sterilizer to sterilize milk samples in bottles

This website is created to tell you about our autoclave types that we manufacture, our customization capabilities, pictures and videos, brochure and many more. If are unable to find your choice of product, please email us, we will try to source it for you.

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At Stericox, we first recognize your sterilization requirement and suggest the best autoclave machine that suites your application.

For more information about our autoclave machines including price list, quotation, customization and dealership, please call us on 08287509153 or go to Contact us.

Since 1978, we have been manufacturing autoclaves for laboratory, hospital, pharmaceutical, microbiology, dairy culture and medical waste disposal.

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What is Autoclave?

Autoclave is a machine, which is used to sterilize solid as well as liquid such as culture materials at certain temperature, steam pressure and time i.e. 121°C, 15 psi and 15-20 minutes respectively. A typical autoclave consists of a sterilization chamber, a steam generator (boiler) and an electric control panel. Temperature is set using control panel; steam generator sends steam into chamber, where items are sterilized at set temperature, pressure and time.

Uses of Autoclave

Killing microorganisms and pathogen is the sole purpose of an autoclave. It is used to sterilize dental and medical instruments, laboratory glass ware, plastic ware and metal ware, liquid culture and biomedical waste etc. Validation of Autoclave

Types of Autoclave

Autoclaves are basically available in two types; vertical and horizontal. A vertical autoclave is a single chamber top loading machine in which heating element is fitted at bottom and water is filled inside the chamber up to just above the element. Items to be sterilized are put inside the drum and drum is put inside the chamber. On the other side, horizontal autoclave is a front loading machine and has separate boiler and sterilization chamber, steam is generated in boiler and sent to chamber. It is further designed as single and double sided doors as required.

Sterilization Cycles

Depending upon load type to be sterilized, there are two types of sterilization cycles utilized in autoclaves; Gravity Cycle and Vacuum Cycle.

Gravity cycle

Gravity cycle is very common and most suited for unwrapped load such as open glass ware and instruments. In gravity cycle, when the steam pressure raises it forces trapped air to drain off itself. In this condition, steam can be in touch of items directly and sterilize them. After end of sterilization, steam is released through valves.

Vacuum Cycle

There are certain types of items, in which complete air removal is not possible such as wrapped items, this resists perfect sterilization process. In such condition, vacuum cycle is employed. In vacuum sterilization cycle, autoclave is fitted with a vacuum system, which removes air prior sterilization and makes the items and chamber completely air free. After end of cycle, vacuum system again sucks remaining steam and moisture from the chamber an makes items dry. It is considered the most accurate way to sterilize items.